The British study reported that VAPE was more efficient than NRT

A study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine found that e-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as NRT to help smokers remain abstinent from cigarettes.

The study team, from Queen Mary University of London, saw that 18% of participants who received vaping products and a four-week course of behavior remained abstinent after a year, against 10% of those the medical data such as nicotine patches or gum. Participants received a start-vaping kit and advised to take their own future purchasing decisions.

Previous studies e-cigarette using the “gold standard” randomized controlled methodology were conducted years ago on the basis of one (no longer available) e-cigarette model, which was poor to deliver the nicotine. Even still, these studies showed a modest level of efficiency, almost equal to that of spots and gums. The lack of an obvious advantage, however, has long medical professionals to lead to be skeptical about the need for more vaping products, existing, medicinal treatments.

The vaping technology has developed considerably since the original studies and consumers now have access to a wide range of products. The Queen Mary valid study is unique in that they allowed their participants to try different products to find out what suits them. Unfortunately, vaping products in the EU are hampered by regulations limiting the size of the cartridge and the power of nicotine. The limits have been imposed to avoid problems of toxicity or overdose and were based on inaccurate assessments of the toxicity of nicotine. Countries without such restrictions have not seen problems with vaping products commonly available.

In light of these makers of the study will be challenged to assess the probability may be higher if these restrictions were relaxed efficient e-cigarette. An indication that this might be true is that the participants evaluated the products as being more satisfying than NRT, but less satisfactory than cigarettes. They probably do not get enough nicotine each puff, given the strength limits. The small dimensions and tank cartridges can be a “hassle factor” – a consumer pain point which makes them more difficult to use products.

“One issue that is rarely discussed is that some smokers actually enjoy smoking

Doctors have been reluctant to recommend products vaping smoking patients, largely because previous studies have shown little benefit over existing therapies NRT. study author Peter Hajek suggested that this reluctance is now “likely to change” in the light of the results. But to what extent is the “seal of approval” the main obstacle holding medical smoking transition back even more?

E-cigarettes had their debut as consumer products rather than medical interventions. Although this study provides good data on what happens when the middle-aged smokers are encouraged to try the contemporary vaping products, it can not tell the greatest story on how vaping affects all behaviors smoking.

The technology is quite unique in that it was initiated by vibrant user communities and online entrepreneurs commercialized innovations. The reason that many people who smoke are successful with vaping products is simple: they are designed to be enjoyable. As author of the study, Hayden McRobbie said, “an issue that is rarely discussed is that some smokers actually enjoy smoking and vaping can help them keep this.”

NRT, with its positioning and medical characteristics dour, was never liked by smokers. Perhaps the key to ending smoking is this simple: Leave nicotine treated like any consumer product, and enable companies to develop products that love smoking.

Learn more about what is vaping?

In connection with the vape, this problem should be noted

Unlike traditional cigarettes, is vape electronic devices, so it is used differently. Let’s see what we need to devote attention.

Smoking ways:
How to suck: through the mouth, and you can also use your lungs
Smoke through the mouth like a traditional revoke smoke.First smoke in his mouth and down into the lungs and out.
Suitable for the crowd: beginners.
Lung-sucking: Inhalation of fumes breathed directly into the lungs and.
Suitable for people: Vaper.

The reason for inexperienced users to vape cough:
Vape different components of cigarette smoke.
Part of the oil of cold smoke for beginners throat for a time to accept.
Smoke vape should not forget to drink more water, because for a long time the phenomenon of smoke thirst appear.

Questions and answers about setting vape:
host could not be started.
If you can not start the engine, we first have to check the battery:
1. Check whether the battery is active (you can tell by the indicator)
2. Check that the battery is installed properly (aligned positive and negative)
Check to see if the third launch steps are correct (check the manual)

If all the above steps have been checked, it still can not opened.There something wrong with the battery or the engine in your hand.At, you might point:
1. Replace the battery and the above steps repeated.
2. improve the entire sentence immediately.

As the use of atomizer:
Note nebulizer Installation:
first installed correctly After nebulizer, oil for five minutes to be in the atomizer and the player is allowed because we prevent cotton in wet nebulizer core experience not at all pleasant to use those needs to oil smoke makeup pressing.Check position while the use .check whether oil smoke enough to not let dry combustion atomization core, otherwise it will burn the core atomization.
can be ignored 2. If the finished product does not change the oil atomizer smoke, it is necessary to assemble the cabin clean and core atomization of course taste, but to avoid odor.Of change.
3.In general, atomization core can be used to month.If half is to replace in the middle of the core atomization combustion phenomena in time.

oil leak atomizer:
1. Structural problems atomizer.
Structural problems of the atomizer itself will cause oil leakage. However, after several years of development, the structure of the atomizer is quite mature. In general, oil leaks rarely due to structural problems.
2. Ask a question
1. If cleaning the atomizer, take pictures when it.Record demolition, like you, a lot of rubber bands removed and where they have the ring are.Rubber important means for sealing insurance.Many finished product is a small package of accessories in atomizer, ring sealing is, to be sure, for a rainy day to make it to remind yourself.
2. If cleaning the atomizer, do not pour the rubber ring with water.Expansion heat by heat and contraction by cold, it will lose its tightness.
3. Check that the core atomization atomization core built in position.Whether correct, compounded
4. If the sprayer is not not used for a long time, the smoke oil to be poured.
Oil still leaking after the above checks, please contact with the new core atomization replace.
3. Select the oil fumes and smoke oil needs to pay attention to the Add
1. Do not smoke oils with high VG in atomizer finished product.
(While, see the oil smoke hanging wall, high VG.
is 2. The soot was added instead of the middle of the fog to the oil tank core.Do not smoke on, usually for two-thirds or half of the atomization chamber.

Learn about the health effects of e-cigarettes

Vape in the world gradually popular, more and more people want to try, but a variety of dazzling accessories people, making vaporizer contain, how to choose? It is spray harmful? I can stop smoking spray? This is what you can learn about vaporizer personal experience:

What You Can and Can't Do While Marketing an Online Vape Shop

What is vaporizer? How is built?
The vaporizer is driven by a battery.It is a kind of thing that converts liquid oil vapor snuff for people who smoke through the principle of heating oil snuff battery.
Vape is not only a healthy cigarette replacement product, but also a toy.More fashion and more young people are joining the fashion circle of the vaporizer.
Generally, vape includes: host + battery + atomizer + smoke oil (atomizing DIY tools also need manufacturing of silk, cotton and heating wire).
It is healthy vaporizer?

Every state but Alaska has reported vape lung victims, now ...
Current reports suggest that authorized the vaporizer is relatively healthy because it uses no open flame and does not produce tar or coal monoxide.The vaporizer can also be used with oil cigarettes do not contain nicotine or cigarette government cartridge.The UK and States medical establishment it concluded that spray was effective in reducing the risk of injury by 95 percent compared to the real thing.

How Much Vaping Is Too Much? 7 Health Risks To Know

Vape can help you quit smoking?
Quitting smoking is mostly a matter of willpower.Vape and real cigarettes are completely different things, at the beginning some people may not be used for smoking, which is normal, adhere to it.There is no denying that my good friend he has been smoking for over ten years and has successfully quit smoking after using vaporizer, so of course vaporizer is able to quit.