Vaporize Your Favorite Vaping Liquids With the ijoy Experience Mod – Plus Three Colors

The IJoy Vapors cigar box mod is the latest product from the Ijoy company. This top of the line electronic vaporizer combines all of the best aspects of an e-sticky, button style mod and a great tank. It’s not a cheap mod, so you’re going to be getting more than your money’s worth out of it. But, if you love a flavorful, smooth, reliable electronic smoking experience, then the IJoy Vapors might be perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons this vaporizer has got everything you love about an electrical device put into a convenient package.

ijoy vape


The biggest reason the IJoy Vapors Vaporizer is so great is the 3000mah battery. This is a pretty good battery, especially for an item that costs so much. With a lot of vaporizers, you might find yourself wishing for a recharged battery or a replacement one a few times through the month. This is a one time purchase that you won’t have to worry about, since the battery will last you just about forever.


If you love the convenience of an electric device with a great-looking exterior, the IJoy Vapors is definitely worth looking at. A lot of other companies are trying to imitate what the big brand manufactures are doing, but they don’t quite get it. The uppen plus looks like two separate pieces of the bigger ijoy Vaporizer. There is an internal battery for when you aren’t using the mod, and a sleeve that fits on top. It really looks and works as a stand alone unit.


One of the best parts about the ijoy Vapors is the built in atomizer. Instead of a removable mod ring, which can get caught on things and be very difficult to remove, the ijoy comes with its own mod adapter. That means that no matter what your experience with electronic mods, or even if you are a beginner, you should be able to use the vaporizer without any issues. The built in adapter makes for a simple and easy transition from the mod to using the ijoy.


There are a lot of high quality products out there that can cost hundreds of dollars. The ijoy vape is about half the price and offers more than double the wattage. This means that the internal battery is able to keep up with all of your modding, and that you get to enjoy all of the benefits of having a powerful mod at a price you can afford.


In addition to all of the benefits that the ijoy has, there is also the opportunity to get a free mod with any purchase, which is the ijoy box mod. The box mod looks similar to the larger ijoy, but it has the two button onboard, and it has a built in power button. When you take the unit out of the box, you will find that it looks just like any other mod, and that it plugs into your electrical outlet like any other mod would. It features a durable, heavy duty spring loaded design for durability and performance.


The tank for this mod has a rubber seal to ensure that no leak will occur. It also has an open display that allows you to see the power level and your wattage. The mod also has a front loading design, which makes for easy liquid absorption into the silicone sleeve. The ijoy shogun is made in three colors, which include a blueberry red, and a green.


If you are looking for a top quality mod, one with an incredible price, and one that you can rely on, then the ijoy shogun univ 180w box mod is what you have been looking for. It is affordable, durable, and powerful. With a four pack of batteries that offer over twice the wattage of standard batteries, you can turn your everyday vapors into powerful, professional elixirs. You can even use them on the go, with the ijoy vape charger that is bundled with this product.

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