Smok Vaporize Pen – A Review of the Popular Product

The Smok Vaporizer Pen is a new electronic pen like the original Smok pots that has been designed to be used on a personal vaporizer or in a pen style. Some like the design of the pen, while others are not so sure about it. It is made to look just like a real pen but instead of a wick or a coil, it uses a USB connection to charge and communicate with your computer. It is an electronic device and works as a complete vaporizer. A lot of the other vaporizers will work as a lot of the cigarette vapes only they have a lot more powerful heating elements.


It is easy to use and easy to understand. It is very similar to a pen like smoking from a pack but instead of a paper to paper or cartridge replacement, it is just a USB device. All you have to do to use it is to put it in the computer and turn it on. It will detect when you have reached the right temperature and give you a signal to start the heating element. Then, when you want to inhale it gives a light touch and adjusts the heat according to what you want. When it is powered off, it goes back to being just a pen.

SMOK Nord X Kit 60W
SMOK Nord X Kit 60W

You can get the Smok Vaporizer Pen for under twenty dollars at most places these days. They are available at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, CVS, and many more places. I recommend getting it from Best Buy or Walmart because they are the cheapest and you are guaranteed a brand new unit. The Smok Vapors really took off and it has been quite a successful product. Now there are even more varieties to choose from.


It is just as easy to use as a pen like smoking from a cigar. There is no need to hold anything as it does everything for you except for collecting the ashes. But if you are the kind of person who is always interrupting people while they are smoking or constantly turning the pen like a cigarette and it is not doing anything then I would suggest that you look elsewhere.


Smok is the newest way to smoke and one of the favorites is to use it while you are watching TV. People are so into this thing they do not even notice it is there. Everyone is so fascinated with it that they forget they are actually smoking. It takes about thirty seconds and the person does not even realize it is working.


I have noticed some people who really like to have it on them all the time and they cannot seem to get it to turn off. This must be the real heat thing. It seems like it would be really hard to turn off especially when you are in your car or just waiting for someone.

SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml
SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml

I like the fact that it comes with two heat settings. The first setting is really for beginners. It is about the same temperature as a pen like the Apple iPad. I think for beginners it is just fine to start out at sixty-nine or seventy-three degrees. The second setting is better for when you have an open mind to try the pen like never before.


If you do decide to buy a pen like the Smok Vape Pen, you should be aware that you may encounter problems. The only problem I have seen so far is that the heat has burned my skin a little. I have also had trouble getting the pen to stay cool all the way. Other than that it is a great pen. I have no complaints and would recommend it to anyone.

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