Smok Magic Pod and Smok Pro Review

For almost three years, Smokit has been the leading authority in the vaporizer community. Their revolutionary, high-quality electronic cigarettes, with a variety of advanced features and a full money back guarantee, have made them a household name. Now, they have taken their winning formula and added a new version of their very popular Smok Vaporizer.

SMOK vaporizers are very easy to use. The first Smokit came with a mouthpiece and a top quality base that allow you to customize your own personalized experience. Since then, the Smokit line has included additional items that allow you to upgrade your experience. The original Smok Novo was a wildly popular, best selling, best tasting vapor production device. The new Novo 2 is ultra focused on delivering that exact satisfying smoking experience, but also with upgrades to both the device and the coil choice. The new Smokit Vaporizer 2 now offers a wide range of different coil choices to help even the most difficult vapers find a match that is just right.

SMOK Novo X Kit 800mAh
SMOK Novo X Kit 800mAh

The other major upgrade to the Smokit Vaporizer 2.0 is its charging system. This time around, Smokit has partnered with Logitech as a way to provide even more customizable control over the power of your device. With a sleek, low profile design and the powerful Smokit charging port, the Logitech Voltage Control Charging system is a welcome addition. You can plug in your electronic cigarette (or any electronic device for that matter) directly into the device and enjoy hours of incredible, open air flavor production.

SMOK has also upgraded their lineup of pods for their mouthpieces. While most companies stick to the same flavor combinations year after year, they have been somewhat slower to move beyond the medium-sized, medium-priced pods. However, they have finally included two new sizes in their lineup. The SMOK Magic Pod is a mid-sized, travel sized pod that will conveniently fit in your purse or backpack. SMOK’s other pod option, the SMOK Pro Pod, is the top of the line and is available in three flavors – vanilla, blueberry and peach. There are three different sizes of pods to choose from, so depending on how often you really smoke, there should be a SMOK Magic Pod option for you.

Upgrades to the SMOK Pro range also include an upgraded battery life. As we’ve found with many SMOK products, battery life is one of their weaker points. That’s why the SMOK Magic Pod and the SMOK Pro Pod are two of the most popular styles of mouthpieces. With a full week’s worth of battery life, you never have to worry about your next load not being ready when you are.

Both the SMOK Magic Pod and the SMOK Pro Pod are rechargeable, but the Pro has a higher maximum battery life. This is due to the pod circuitry being located outside of the mouthpiece itself. Recharging the SMOK Magic Pod takes less than a day, while the Pro takes about five hours. Depending on how often you really smoke, you may find you’ll need to replace your batteries more frequently. For this reason, the Pro might be a better choice.

Smok Nord 22 Vape Pen Kit 2000mAh 3.6ml Standard Edition
Smok Nord 22 Vape Pen Kit 2000mAh 3.6ml Standard Edition

The newest addition to the SMOK family is the Smok Smoke. Like the other no pod systems, this device includes an advanced electronic valve that will monitor your airflow and automatically adjust the airflow to provide you with just the right amount of vapor. This reduces the need for you to manually control the speed of the airflow and ensures your device doesn’t get overly hot. While it takes a little longer to heat up, the Smok Smoke is definitely the best kind of electronic cigarette to give you the closest possible nicotine relief.

Smok units are very easy to replace. You can find several different sizes, so there is a model to fit your needs. If you prefer a smaller unit, the move 2 is a great option. However, Smok offers replacement parts for the entire range of their products, so in the event that your device breaks or stops working, you can easily find a replacement part. You will never again have to worry about replacing your batteries when you use a smoker.

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