Tips for first time to vape

The products, technology, techniques and jargon associated with e-cigarettes can be overwhelming when using them for the first time. For those who want to quit or smok for enjoyment, this is often the first major barrier to entry. Between choosing a device and e-liquid, learning how to maintain the device and picking out different e-cigarette styles there are many tips.

To help ease your transition, I have listed some of the things you need to know to get the best e-cigarette learning tips. Follow these first-time e-cigarette tips to minimize a bad e-cigarette experience


1. Choose the right e-cigarette device

First, you will need to spend some time learning about the various vape brand types. There are hundreds of different types, styles and designs of vape brands to choose from, so make your own choice based on habits and preferences. For example, do you need a product that is small and compact and easy to carry around? If yes, a vape pen may be perfect for you. Next, do you need lots of features, flavors and clouds? You may want to check out the larger, more powerful box mod.

2. Choose your e-liquid

The extra money you will spend to get a high quality e-liquid is totally worth it. Lower quality juices usually contain impurities and additives that are not suitable for human consumption. High quality e-juices use pure medical grade nicotine, food grade ingredients, and have a high reputation. Plus, taste is an important part of the vaping experience! Choose well what flavors you like and don’t like.

Vape with the end result in mind. juices with high VG produce thicker vapor and smoother hits, while juices with high PG ratios provide better throat hits but smaller clouds. If you have an allergic reaction, you may also want to think about it and consider using a juice with a higher VG ratio.


3. Maintenance is important

The key to longevity and safety is proper maintenance. Clean the tank every time you change the coils. (And, please don’t forget to change the coils regularly! The e-juice bottle should also be shaken before each use. This allows for even distribution of PG / VG and nicotine, so you get the best results every time. Also, please keep the bottle in a dark, cool place, such as a cupboard.

4. Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue appears when you mist a single e-juice flavoring for so long that you can no longer taste it. It’s annoying, especially if you really like the flavor, but it’s not serious, as it is for almost all of us. Switching to a new flavor and staying hydrated can help you avoid this.

5. Enjoy it!

Too many first time vaporers give up and quit because they used the wrong equipment, flavor or didn’t know how to properly maintain their equipment. If you get frustrated, don’t give up and don’t be afraid, but try to figure out what you like.

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Dimensions: 117mm * 25mm * 29mm.

Materials: Zinc alloy, polycarbonate.

Weight: 175g.

Power output: 5W-70W.

Battery capability: External 18650 cell.

Charging: Micro-USB 1A.

E-liquid capability: 5.5 ml/2ml (TPD edition).

If you’ve been paying attention to Voopoo just recently, it’s clear that they’re throwing whatever behind the Vinci line of devices. The Vinci X is the biggest iteration of their pod mod offerings and is a departure from the first two models in that it’s powered by an external 18650 cell.

Building, fit and surface of the Vinci X are great. The Vinci X is a little bigger than its predecessors, to accommodate a removable cell but honestly, it’s not that obvious.

In regards to user experience, extremely little bit has actually changed between the original Vinci and the newest version. The most apparent difference is a new maximum power output of 70W. Keep in mind, the automated wattage limitations will stop you from going beyond the recommended power settings for stock coils, so in the meantime the only way to accomplish complete output is by downloading the current firmware and selecting RBA mode. Voopoo has actually chosen to leave the pod style unchanged and this is my first gripe with the Vinci X, considering that 2 set airflow settings is just not enough to cover the broad series of coils that this device works with.

The Vinci X retains all of the firmware features of the initial, consisting of a detailed puff counter system that is still unrivaled, as far as I’m aware. I feel this beneficial tool flew under the radar somewhat and I still believe that it’s a terrific way for vapers to track their usage and nicotine intake over time. Power delivery is instant and smooth, which should not come as a surprise, since it’s the function that Voopoo almost constructed their brand name on with the initial Gene chip.

The mod is supplied with two coils. The first is the same 0.3 Ohm mesh that came with the initial gadget and this stays to be one of the best low power mesh stock coils I have actually attempted. The second, a 0.6 Ohm mesh coil, is new to me. It has a narrower bore compared with the 0.3 Ohm option, with a lower 20W-28W recommendation. I found this coil to shine at 25W-28W on the more limited air flow setting, with good flavour and vapour production for such a low power output. Longevity was great too, going through 45ml of moderately sweet e-liquid prior to any decline was noticed. I feel this coil is an excellent choice for newer subohm vapers, striking a great balance in between power output and performance.

Battery life on the Vinci X will depend completely on your choice of 18650, coil and power output. There are numerous variables here but as a basic guideline, you can anticipate around double the battery life of the initial Vinci, when utilizing a high quality 3000mAh cell such as the Samsung 30Q or LG HG2.

In summary, the Vinci X is a deserving addition to Voopoo’s pod mod lineup. Great develop quality, external cells and a growing series of coil choices make this a versatile gadget, though I do want they had upgraded the air flow control to allow for appropriate adjustment.


Develop quality.

Solid stock coils.

Big capacity (non-TPD edition).


No RBA consisted of.

Only two fixed airflow options.

Building and construction, fit and finish of the Vinci X are fantastic. As with the initial Vinci, the zinc alloy frame feels robust, the strong magnetised connection holds pods in place firmly, buttons are tactile and the completing is flawless throughout. The Vinci X is slightly larger than its predecessors, to accommodate a removable cell but truthfully, it’s not that obvious.

Voopoo has actually chosen to leave the pod style unchanged and this is my very first gripe with the Vinci X, considering that two set airflow settings is just not enough to cover the broad range of coils that this device is suitable with.

The Vinci voopoo drag X maintains all of the firmware features of the original, consisting of a comprehensive puff counter system that is still unmatched, as far as I’m aware.

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The Voopoo Drag 3 is the most recent addition to the ever popular Drag household of vape mods. All of it began with the initial Drag which rapidly got a credibility as a strong and reputable dual battery mod. Since then, Voopoo has launched the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods. No matter how you want to vape, there’s a “Drag” mod for you.

The Drag 3 marks Voopoo’s first return to a double battery 510 mod given that the Argus GT of last year. This TPP Tank is also suitable with previous Voopoo pod mods like the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. Also, the 510 adapter permits the Drag 3 to be utilized with all PnP tanks.

This device was sent out to me by Voopoo for the purpose of this review.

Box ContentsVoopoo Drag 3 Kit Box Contents

1 x Drag 3 Gadget

1 x TPP Pod Tank

1 x TPP DM1 0.15 ohm Coil

1 x TPP DM2 0.20 ohm Coil

1 x Type-C Cable television

1 x User Handbook


Voopoo Drag 3 Mod

Gene.Fan 2.0 Chipset

Double 18650 Battery Mod

177W Optimum Wattage Output

Adjustable Wattage

Smart, Power & TC Modes

Compatible with 510, TPP, and PnP Tanks

TPP Pod Tank

5.5 ml Capacity

Adjustable Air flow

510 Adapter Is Compatible with PnP Tanks

Design & Build Quality

Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1Voopoo Drag 3 2Voopoo Drag 3 3Voopoo Drag 3 5Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1








The Drag 3 has been given a complete redesign compared to its predecessors. The initial Drag and Drag 2 looked really comparable to one another however the Drag 3 looks absolutely nothing like them. Gone are the resin panels, large printed ‘DRAG’ logo, and rounded frame. Rather, the Drag 3 is covered in top quality leather and includes a more boxy and straight design. This leather is marked with “DRAG 3” on one side and a small “VOOPOO” logo on the other. This isn’t a new style though; the Drag 3 is nearly similar to the Drag Max that Voopoo released late in 2015. There are a couple of small changes however it’s practically the very same mod.

The zinc-alloy frame and brushed metal inlays cover and surround the leather and offer the Drag 3 a high-end, superior look and feel. This frame comes painted in silver or black, depending upon the color alternative that you choose. On the rear end of the mod, simply listed below the 510 connector, is a small metal “DRAG” nameplate.

It’s still too early to state for sure however compared to the Drag and Drag 2, it appears like Voopoo have enhanced the paint quality. My paint is still completely intact, even on the bottom of the mod, however I’ll have to see how it holds up after a few months of use.

The Drag 3 is typical sized however really rather light-weight for a dual battery mod. This makes it ideal for trips out of your house (not that I have actually been able to do that in the midst of this pandemic) and it’s not too big or heavy to put in your pocket. If you grip it too securely the straight edges make the mod a little unpleasant to hold, one of the couple of complaints I have is that.

The 510 port plate lies off-center towards the back side of the mod. Atomizers as much as 24mm won’t overhang but a 25mm tank overhangs just the slightest bit; it’s barely noticeable. The 510 port plate is raised simply the tiniest bit and tanks don’t sit entirely flush. This is not very visible but if you’re like me then it’s going to bug you. On the bright side, this should keep tanks from scratching up the top of the mod.

The screen is a big full-color display screen that is identical to the one on the Drag Max. It’s high-resolution, intense, and crisp. This screen displays private battery life indications, mode, wattage, a puff counter, voltage, coil resistance, and puff time.

One fascinating thing I discovered is that there’s an indent on the left side of the modification buttons. I’m not sure why Voopoo did this as it serves no practical purpose and makes the modification buttons look odd.

The battery door on the Drag 3 slides out and then opens up. There’s a lot of side-to-side wiggle when the battery door is open and that issues me. I feel like there’s a great chance that this door will break in the long-lasting however this is simply speculation based on how the door feels.

Functions & FunctionsVoopoo Drag 3 Functions

The Drag 3 utilizes the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset which was first used in the Drag Max. This chip enables the Drag 3 to fire from 5-177W and brings Smart mode, RBA (standard Wattage) mode, and TC modes.

Smart mode is indicated for use with the included TPP tank or Voopoo’s PnP tanks, and TPP or PnP coils. In Smart mode the wattage is restricted to the max wattage score of the coil to prevent you from burning it. When you insert the pod, Smart mode also automatically sets the mod to the ideal wattage for your coil. This is excellent for brand-new vapers who aren’t sure how high they should set the wattage and likewise avoids the mod from inadvertently being set too expensive.

RBA mode works like your standard wattage mode and is for usage with other non-Voopoo subohm tanks and RBAs. In RBA mode you can set the wattage as high as you like without any restrictions. To switch modes push the fire button three times.

Out of the box the Drag 3 only features Smart mode and RBA mode made it possible for. Then you’ll have to download the Voopoo software application program and Drag 3 firmware update from their assistance page, if you desire to use TC.

After downloading both, plug your Drag 3 into your computer and run the Voopoo setup program. Select ‘Upgrade’ from the panel on the upper left hand side and after that hit ‘Pick’ on the upper right hand side of the screen. Select the Drag 3 firmware that you downloaded and then struck ‘Download( U)’. Your Drag 3 will shut off as the firmware upgrade is installed. Once it’s total you can disconnect your Drag 3. You now have TC mode!

There are 3 TC modes: NI, TI, and SS. When you remain in TC mode you can scroll all the way down to change from F ° to C ° and vice versa. You can hold both modification buttons to enter the TC setup menu where you can alter the TCR worth, adjust the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

You can choose from 2 UI’s: Iron (picture orientation) or Core (landscape orientation). They both look really similar but the ‘Core’ UI looks a bit more futuristic and modern. I do not have a real choice as I believe they both look neat but I found myself utilizing the ‘Iron’ portrait UI the majority of the time.

Drag 3 Button Mixes

Power On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.

Switch Modes: Press the fire button 3 times.

Change UI: Hold both change buttons to bring up the UI menu. Then utilize the change buttons to select the UI you want. Hold the fire button to verify.

Lock/Unlock All Buttons (Consisting Of the Fire Button): Hold the fire button and leading adjustment button together.

Reset Puff Counter: Hold the fire button and bottom modification button together.

Open TC Settings Menu: Hold both change buttons while in TC mode. Here you can change the TCR value, change the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

TPP Tank

Voopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2Voopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 3Voopoo Drag 3 TPP TankVoopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2







It’s a pod-style tank that is compatible with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. It also comes with a 510 adapter that allows it to be used on the Drag 3 and any other mod with a 510 adapter.

The TPP Tank matches and compliments the appearance of the Drag 3. It looks like the PnP tanks, just it’s bigger and has a metal plate that surrounds the drip tip. The 510 adapter that it beings in features a band of knurling and 2 bands of etched lines that run along the airflow control ring. The metal plate around the drip tip and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.

The drip idea is broad bore and removable. The tank will hold up to 5.5 ml of ejuice and is bottom filled through a port on the bottom of the tank. The port is deep and so is the rubber bung that plugs it. Coils push into the bottom of the tank.

Depending upon the coil that you utilize you can go from a direct lung draw with the air flow open, down to a restricted lung hit with the air flow nearly closed up. With the wide bore of the drip idea and the large size of this pod tank, the TPP Tank will work best with DL coils for DL vaping. , if you desire a MTL vape you’re much better off with the MTL PnP tank.



Voopoo Drag 3 Kit 3Voopoo Drag 3 Package 3






The voopoo 3 and TPP Tank include two new TPP coils:

1 x DM1 0.15 ohm coil (60-80W).

1 x DM2 0.20 ohm coil (40-60W).

Voopoo states that these coils have a bigger surface location inside the coil and likewise heat up faster. The 0.15 ohm coil is supposed to be utilized from 60-80W and Voopoo says that it’s best from 65-75W. My preferred wattage for this coil is 70W due to the fact that you get the finest flavor from the coil and the vapor is great and warm.

The 0.20 ohm coil is expected to be used from 40-60W and best from 50-55W. This coil has even better flavor and gives an actually good vape at 55W. 40W is much too cool and taste is seriously lacking at this wattage. 50W is warmer however still on the cool side of things but the taste is significantly better. 55W is the sweet spot for warm vapor and great taste. 60W is warmer however still not hot. If you like a hotter vape I would recommend using the 0.15 ohm coil. However if you like a warm vape then this coil is the one to utilize.

Good performers, these coils leaked some ejuice even with 80VG. I didn’t have any messes or ejuice pouring out of the airflow holes but ejuice gathered in the base of the airflow control ring. It was never ever a significant quantity of ejuice but enough to be obvious and to necessitate pointing out.

The Drag 3 has actually been a good, trusted mod to utilize. In Smart mode it properly spots the resistance of the coil and sets the limits accordingly. I did have a few circumstances where it checked out the resistance incorrect however this was irregular and easily fixed by raising the pod out and putting it back in.

Wattage mode works as it should. TCR for stainless steel only goes down to 1000 so this is the worth I used for SS316L. It’s not the finest TC out there by any means but I do not mind using it at all.


Voopoo totally upgraded the Drag 3 and I like what they’ve finished with it. It’s a great looking mod that feels high-end also. Paired with the TPP tank & 510 adapter it’s a truly great kit that manages a ton of possibilities for how you want to use it. You can utilize PnP tanks with the 510 adapter on the Drag 3, use the TPP tank, or you can utilize any tank that uses a 510 connection.

By itself the Drag 3 is still an actually solid mod. The wattage mode performance is best and it even has an extremely usable TC mode with TCR. Then you’ll like the Drag 3 even more, if you liked previous Drag mods. This is definitely a mod and kit worth picking up.

The Voopoo Drag 3 is the most recent addition to the ever popular Drag family of vape mods. Because then, Voopoo has actually released the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods. The original Drag and Drag 2 looked really similar to one another however the Drag 3 looks nothing like them. It’s a pod-style tank that is suitable with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. The metal plate around the drip pointer and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.

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As they harden they trap the hair in the wax so it is gotten rid of by the origins when the wax is actually scammed. An easy way to substantially decrease the distress is actually to press difficult on the skin right after the waxing bit is actually taken off. Having said that, through matching up the nine various strategies laid out listed below, you must have the ability to identify a hair elimination strategy you may cope with taking right into factor the degree of your excess hair problem. But do not fall under the snare of selling any old factor due to the fact that you obtain a high compensation.

That suggests including the other event’s web link to your internet site. As for photo cds, this is actually the crowning achievement. It is actually right now usual for men in addition to females to ask for Brazilian Shaving.

And also, your partnership is unexpected to get past the surge farewell as your friend comes back in their vehicle to go house. It is not stealing by staff members, break-ins, petty lawsuits, or industrial reconnaissance. Tweezing as a hair removal approach is excellent for small places had an effect on through unnecessary body system hair or for eliminating the roaming unwanted hair on the facial region. Red bumps may seem as a result of puffy hair follicles however they normally disappear after some hours.

Shopping For Your Right Countertop Stool

This past Christmas, I personally took associated with shopping about the web. I have relatives that have a home in 4 different states with each year I get gifts, wrap them, box them up for shipping and leave to the post school! And, what do I do at the post building?? I have to wait from a huge line and pay a small fortune to ship my treats. I was able to buy all my gifts online, have them wrapped and pay nothing at all for moving. There was only one site I had to pay shipping for that’s why it was because I waited until focus of the final minute along to contain gift hurried.

There as well items online you come across that are not available to get. Many stores during the trip sell coming from their stock items and will not have the group. With purchasing them online should get them at eliminate. Stores more plus more these days prepare for this as men and women choose vape online shopping over starting the reserve.

First decision to make is to attend shopping list, and just click here for “Shop Online”. You need to check online flight brokers and reservation systems find flights available and better price reach. Make sure to look for virtually any better contract. During seasonal trips, they do offer seasonal packages and discounts. Prices differ from broker to broker so, don’t be deceived through promotional thingy. Settle for is the best deal you could get.

Brands: While you shop from your local store, options are prohibitive. Often, you may not have access to your favorite brands. A good craft beauty store, on one other hand, options a smok nord wider selection. You can buy reputed brands by way of online store at a portion of the amount.

This is principally true the actual holidays and if you have a resemblance to me who waits through to the last possible moment the crowds are brutal making every shopping task not tolerable. It all begins in the event that arrive at the mall; you fight for every parking spot. Then with your luck you find yourself in trouble at the register behind the shopper that learned that item that does not SKU as well as wait until a salesperson retrieves identical shoes item through floor. Even worse matters worse the cashier turns out to be a temp or new hire that has entered something incorrectly and even cailburn koko top it well you waste more time waiting for about a Manager overwrite. Save yourself the hassle and just shop online.

This is incredibly true the actual holidays and if you are like me who waits so that the last possible moment the crowds are brutal making every shopping task intolerable. It all begins when you arrive at the mall; you fight for a parking storage. Then with your luck acquire stuck at the register behind the shopper that listed that item that is without any SKU may wait until a salesperson retrieves identical shoes you wear item through the floor. Help make matters worse the cashier turns to be able to be a temp or new hire that has entered something incorrectly really like top it well you waste more time waiting to get Manager overwrite. Save yourself the hassle and just shop on the internet.

You will need to have a bold heading that tells visitors what they’ll get on the reverse side of will probably. But, don’t reveal it overall. Just entice them by getting them curious.

Make it easy for clients to find what they ‘re looking for dealing with your website. Consider offering totally or delivery as an incentive to close the sale price. Since selling online carries less operating costs for your small business owner, why not pass that savings along to the online shopper?

Shop That You Live On 5Th Avenue, Even It Is Far More Don’t

Anything and everything you can actually want is found online in which people shop there. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for goods or services. No matter whether you to help spend $10 or $10,000. New internet marketers crop up every day. The healthy competition helps aren’t prices minimized.

There is even a much better twist to your Blastoff Market! Friends and family members can join your Blastoff Network (again completely free), then once they shop through network, they’ll get cashback rewards inside the things they buy, and you’ll also get cash back rewards on the things they purchase! Let me say that once more. You will make money when anyone in your network buys something when they shop through their Blastoff Network.

Back cailburn koko to our scenario. Akin to taken the whole day to will be able to Palms retail complex in Lekki to investigate Elizabeth Arden, Red Door. But now you to be able to know just how much it cost in Big Treat in Ikeja. What should you do?

The truth is that you may spend an interesting bit, despite the fact that your nearby mall is fairly close. A person’s take fifteen minutes to drive there, then another 10-15 minutes just trying come across a parking spot, you’ve driven with regard to the full half-hour! That’s fantastic deal of petrol.

Why, you would wonder, does the internet give off these bits of classic wedding bands for such a discounted rate? Creates this change mean adequate gets compromised upon? Not in a minimum. In fact how come you can buy these engagement ring sets for such an economic rate simple fact that there are hardly any overhead charges for these rings. And even if there were any overhead charges or any other kind of charges, they would vape be substantially lower compared with ones got from stores.

This past Christmas, I personally took regarding shopping around the. I have relatives that have a home in 4 different states each year I order gifts, wrap them, box them up for shipping and take off to the post office! And, what do I do at the post factory?? I have to wait in the huge line and pay a great deal of money to ship my toys. I was able to buy all my gifts online, have them wrapped and pay smok nord almost nothing for shipping. There was only one site I in order to pay shipping for the bootcamp was because I waited until because it covers minute along to maintain the gift harried.

Think about it; tend to be more stores in a shopping mall than any brick-and-mortar one. From US goods to foreign goods, however find a plethora of gifts that will fit your son’s bride and grooms’ tastes best. In addition, since many of the goods are categorized, many save time by possessing to search through arbitrary merchandise that totally misses the mark.

Buy Miami Ink Shirts Online And Save

While may possibly go into your local mall and peruse through the handful of merchants available, you’ll really should try to set aside a significant chunk of their time to do. Remember that to-do list of reasons? When you shop online, you can do sit on comfort of one’s own home, your office, or even your car and this kind of little task checked off your itemize.

smok nord Not only small stores and specialty stores can be found online but big ones as well. You can exploration shopping with the favorite name brand store whilst still having a get good bargains. As opposed to having to arrive to the mall or walk regarding the entire store you discover what need to have and buy it within minutes.

There are a few really cool twists with the Blastoff Network besides cash when you shop world-wide-web. Blastoff members also get an area of the money they spend paid back to them as rewards. Depending on store happen to be shopping to you get a treat of 1% to 50% (or even higher)! So now I have explained best ways to save money by shopping through the Blastoff network, and how you can even funds when you shop world-wide-web.

When you will do some Irish shopping on an internet, several things you have to check for security idea. These are not limited to the Irish web shop but ought to be done vape for all shops within the web. The first thing end up being check could be that the shop consists of a means by means of you can contact them. If the means is hidden planet terms or on the place at all then you may want to consider shopping elsewhere.

If you walk ideal shop, item . escape being pummeled with signs screaming Buy Gifts for ! Xmas gifts for Women Here! All the Christmas presents for Mumhere! SELL, SELL, SELL! BUY, BUY, Pick up!

Many people are a bit shaky on using their charge card online. If are purchasing online confirm that the sight you are shopping from has the potential or secure purchasing. It must ensure your card info is cailburn koko safe and secure. Merchandise in your articles are still a bit antsy over using your card you can designate one card unit for shopping specifically within the net.

The various stores listed on these sites usually pay the site a sales commission for sending shoppers onto their websites and these sites use part of this commission to pay for you. Payments are usually made on a quarterly basis (usually which gives opportunity regarding any customer returns). Payments are built to your paypal account or request the for the distributed account balances. Other sites may also allow you donate cash to simple . charity.