Why I Like the SMOK Novo – Five Benefits

There are many ways to describe the SMOK Novo, but we will simply describe two of them here. The first way to describe it is a hybrid between a vaporizer and a cigarette lighter. The second way to describe it is a healthier, longer-lasting version of the average vaper’s lighter. This product is the perfect addition to the current trend of hybrid devices because it allows vapers to enjoy their favorite e liquid without having to worry about the harmful toxins found in cigarettes.

The biggest difference between the SMOK Novo and its more well-known ancestor, the SMOK One, is the device’s built specifically for pod-based vapes. While the One can be used with any pod based vaporizer, the Novo was made especially for those that use those specific kinds of devices. While many vapers still prefer the lighter in terms of performance, others have come to appreciate the extra convenience that a pod-style device provides. In this review we will look at how the two products to compare.

Smok Nord 22 Vape Pen Kit 2000mAh 3.6ml Standard Edition
Smok Nord 22 Vape Pen Kit 2000mAh 3.6ml Standard Edition

The SMOK Novo has a few main advantages over its more well-known predecessor. The biggest one is battery life. It lasts approximately four hours on a full charge and it even has a 10-hour high-end turbo boost. This makes it very convenient for people who like to have a full glass of juice waiting for them when they decide to quit smoking. In fact, many vapers that use the original not only need to take one drag of the lighter to get a powerful hit of e juice.

Another big advantage of the SMOK Novo over the original nova is the indicator light. While the original nova only had a red LED that would constantly turn off if the battery was not fully charged, the SMOK Novo had an easy to find blue LED that shows when the device is fully charged. This makes for a much easier and quicker way to ensure you always have e juice when you need it. If you are using a lot of herbal flavored e liquids, you might find that you are reaching for your charger quite often. With the indicator light right there, you can just check the LED to make sure that you have juice instead of reaching for the power adaptor and wasting time and energy.

Both of these devices also have a number of different ways in which they can be used. You can either use the mouthpiece or the cartridge. The mouthpiece, which comes with the SMOK Novo, is used just like you would with a regular v-shaped pen. It needs to be placed into the mouth and it does take some effort to keep the SMOK Novo in place. The cartridge, which can be purchased separately, is used the same way you would with a regular pod cartridge.

The most popular way to use the SMOK Novo battery is to replace the battery as it becomes too low. If you are using the SMOK Novo as a great smoking apparatus and you are going through the motions of smoking a cigarette, you might only change the battery every two or three uses. Many vapers do not smoke often and this is where the convenience of the Smok NoVo comes in. The device is small and compact and it will not be cumbersome to carry it around with you. If you use the mouthpiece regularly, you might only need to replace the battery about once every few weeks or even less frequently. For this reason, you save on both time and money and you never have to worry about the battery being dead.

SMOK Novo X Kit 800mAh
SMOK Novo X Kit 800mAh

The last benefit to the SMOK Novo comes from the ability to increase or decrease the wattage range that your device can reach. With other devices, like the Pax or other similar devices, changing the wattage range can be very complicated and you will need to buy additional adapters to raise the power. However, with the SMOK Novo you are able to simply turn up the wattage and you get a much more powerful vapor. Even if you do not smoke, these types of devices are often used for medicating or helping to calm a nervous baby.

One final benefit to the SMOK Novo, as with many of the devices that I have reviewed, is the ease of replacement of the batteries. You simply remove the used cartridge from your unit, put it into the provided bag, seal it and then pop it into the packaging provided by the manufacturer. This ease of replacement is not available with other brands of similar electronic cigarettes. This allows you to maintain your warranty and make sure you always have a quality product that you can count on to last for a long time to come.

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