Vaporizers – VandyVape Jackaroo Mod Kit

The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is a new e-tech device from Vandy. The Jackaroo Pod is an affordable, sleek, and easy-to-use vaporizer with a rechargeable, submersible, and air-cooled battery. It’s a high-quality electronic vaporizer with two tanks that can be changed easily for customized amounts of fluid. There are two power levels: a low setting that produces small, flavorful vapor; a higher setting that produces potent gourmet vapor with larger yields. The internal components are durable and efficient, producing high-quality cloud-based vapor.

vandy vape jackaroo


The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is a revolutionary pod system for an e-tech vaporizer. The Jackaroo utilizes a unique rechargeable, submersible, and air-cooled battery that will not leak or run out of juice. The unit has a single dual-port coil system that gives it the ability to produce large amounts of vapor with a very long battery life. This allows you to keep using your Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo even when your batteries are running low, providing you with an extended battery life.


The tank system on the Vaporizer Jackaroo is a twist on some of the old and trusted tank systems on the market. The tank is made of stainless steel that allows the unit to look sleek and professional while still allowing air to flow through it. The stainless steel tank also allows the jackaroo kit to have a longer life span, longer use, and better coil resistance. The dual-port coil system is designed to give you a consistent release of vapor, while allowing the coils to change resistance and heat up over time.


The standard design of the Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo includes a large red button. This button can be used to power on the unit, switch between different wattage settings, adjust the temperature of the airflow, and display the time you have left in the battery. A blue LED indicator light illuminates the screen, which is great if you want to read the Vandy pods quickly. One of the nicest features of the DIY pod kit is that the entire unit is battery powered, so there is no need for a charger or any type of external power source.


The entire unit is housed in a clear acrylic enclosure, with two adjustable panels for the tank, drip tip, control panel, LED lights, and an airflow adjustment button. Each panel has three screws that allow it to be secured to the unit. Once the panels are secured, the outer cover also slips on for a clean and professional look. The aegis tank is not included with this vaporizer, but the ones that do come with the kit come with the tank and preinstalled air flow adjustment buttons.


One of the best features of the Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is that it allows you to change the temperature settings from a high heat to a low heat as well as five different humidity settings. The preload gives you extra time to prepare your beverages, such as lattes and cappuccinos, since there is no need to heat up the water in the heating chamber. The built-in five-way adjustable airflow setting allows you to adjust how much vapor and fluid enter your system at any given time. The included adjustable air chambers are large, so they can accommodate all of your liquids comfortably.


One of the coolest features of the VandyVape jackaroo is that the aegis included is a true open circuit. This means that the liquid will be able to flow through the entire unit, along with the entire tubing extender. There is no fear of getting any type of overheating, because the aegis does not shut down until you release the valve. This means that you can get the exact amount of airflow you desire for every use.


The VandyVape jackaroo kit comes complete with instructions for assembling the unit, which is easy to do. Since this is a truly open circuit design, it is recommended that you use a level to ensure that the liquids are properly flowing throughout the system. If you are not sure whether or not the liquid is flowing properly, then you should open the valve and give it a test run before you put the mod in your device. You can find all of the components of this mod online at authorized VandyVape distributors.

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