Cheap Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 Atomizer Review

Dead Rabbit 3 RTA 2 1800x1800 - Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 Atomizer Review

The Dead Rabbit V2 is a great starter rebuildable tank for beginners. While the wicking is finicky and the build time is not particularly fast, it is still a solid rebuildable tank. Its dual airflow slots, PC thermal insulation plate, and Ag+ anti-bacterial 810 drip tip help it stand out from the crowd.

Dual airflow slots

The Dead Rabbit V2 RDA from Hellvape is an impressive device, boasting dual airflow slots and honeycomb airflow inlets. Its small deck size makes it perfect for direct-to-lung vaping, and its dual airflow slots provide a range of airflow settings, from very restricted to very airy.

The Dead Rabbit V2 RDA has a 24mm deck, and dual airflow slots. The slots can be set to open or close, allowing you to customize airflow settings to your liking. The deck has familiar bunny-ear-style posts, and the drip tip is made of Ag+ anti-bacterial material.

PC thermal insulation plate

The Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is an upgrade of the original Dead Rabbit RTA, featuring an upgraded PC Thermal Insulation Plate and dual Y-type posts for a stable airflow system. It is compatible with either a single coil or a dual coil set-up. This tank can also accommodate up to 2ml of e-liquid, and includes a bubble glass for easy filling.

The Dead Rabbit V2’s build deck is a redesigned version of the original design, allowing you to build more creative coils. This tank’s design also features a throwback to the days of mesh sheets, which were popular for their flexibility. While it is a standard tank design, it is important to remember to fluff the cotton properly and leave enough room between each wick tail.

Ag+ anti-bacterial 810 drip tip

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA Atomizer features a Dual Airflow System and Angled Posts Structure for a great vaping experience. It also comes with an Ag+ Anti-bacterial 810 drip tip and an adapter to fit 510 drip tips. You can buy this drip tip in a variety of colours, or you can get the matching drip tip for your RDA.

The Dead Rabbit V2 is a 24mm RDA with dual airflow slots that open and close downward, as well as honeycomb-style airflow holes. The drip tip features the familiar bunny ear build deck and angled posts, while the Ag+ anti-bacterial 810 drip tip is designed to keep your device sanitary and free of germs.

Improved flavor

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 is a new, improved version of the Dead Rabbit RDA. This RDA offers a wider air adjustment and an improved flavor. It also includes a deep juice well to improve squonking performance. You can learn more about the new product on the official Hellvape Youtube channel.

The Dead Rabbit V2 retains the same build deck configuration as its predecessor, but it has an improved airflow control for easier adjustment. It has a stainless steel deck that is paired with a drip tip that resists the growth of bacteria. The dual airflow system also extracts flavor from your coils.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 Device Review

hellvape dead rabbit v2 rta 25mm full colors0 1800x1800 - Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 Device Review

If you’re looking for an RDA that’s perfect for beginners, the Dead Rabbit V2 might be the perfect choice for you. The design is similar to the original Dead Rabbit, but the deck is easier to build with. It also features great airflow and a whistling sound, but with a little less fuss.

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA comes in a small red box with a clear plastic window. The front of the box displays the Hellvape logo and the technical specifications of the device. The back of the box has a quick reference guide and package contents list. The package includes the Dead Rabbit V2 RDA, a bubble glass, a user manual, and a sticker.

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA has been widely praised for its high-quality construction and features. The dripper can accommodate up to two milligrams of e-liquid. The dripper’s airflow is controlled with two adjustable airflow barrels. The adjustable airflow helps maintain the perfect flavor while minimising leakage.

Another great feature of the Dead Rabbit V2 is its wide, open build deck. This allows you to build both traditional coils and creatively build your own. The juice well is deeper, which helps hold more cotton and reduces the risk of leakage. It also features a top cap that allows for extensive air control.

The Dead Rabbit RDA was a hit when it first came out, but several RDAs have since replaced it. Luckily, two e-liquid companies, Hellvape and Heathen, have updated this popular rebuildable drip atomizer to make it even better. While it still offers the original design, Hellvape added upgrades and fine-tuning to make it more user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Dead Rabbit V2 RDA From Hellvape

hellvape dead rabbit v2 rta 25mm full colors0 1800x1800 - Dead Rabbit V2 RDA From Hellvape

The Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is a good rebuildable atomizer, but it’s not a revolutionary one. It still has the same 24mm diameter, height, and chain pattern as its predecessor. It’s made of 304 stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors. It also comes with a sticker for easy identification.

The new Dead Rabbit V2 RDA from Hellvape has improved airflow and a larger, recessed ‘drop’ build deck for improved flavor. It also has two airflow barrels for easy airflow control. The airflow ports are also angled away from the face to reduce the risk of leaks.

If you’re new to the Dead Rabbit series, you may want to start with the original. Its design and easy build process will make it easy for newcomers to master the Dead Rabbit RDA series. You can find a variety of colors in their online store. If you’re looking for an affordable rebuildable tank, the Dead Rabbit V2 is a great choice.

The new Dead Rabbit V2 RDA from Hellvape is an upgraded version of the Dead Rabbit RTA. This rta maintains the build deck design but upgrades the airflow control to prevent clogs. This rta is compatible with a variety of e-cigarette mods. It features a 2-ml juice capacity and can be extended to 5ml with the addition of an extra glass tube. It has precision machining and an anti-rotation top fill system.

Another notable feature of the Dead Rabbit V2 is its ‘juice block’ that guides e-liquid to the wicks. This increases the efficiency of squonking. The deeper juice well also helps prevent leaks. The material used for the Dead Rabbit V2 is also very sturdy.

The Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is easy to build. The deck is simple to install and the post screw is easy to tighten. After this, the coils are installed. The Dead Rabbit V2 RTA features an improved design of its anti-rotation deck and a larger ring at the top for easier coil installation.

The refilling process for the Dead Rabbit is mess-free and easy. The top cap unscrews without any fuss, and the refill port accepts most e-liquid fillers. Initially, the airflow control ring felt a little stiff out of the box, but with use, it loosened up and made refilling much more convenient.