SMOK A-Priv Box Mod – Two Fantastic Pros For Your Vaping Needs

So, what is it that makes the SMOK mod such a hot commodity amongst modding fans? Why is it that Smok is so much more popular than other brands of mods? The SMOK mod is known to have several distinct qualities that set it apart from its competitors. Smok is an extremely efficient device, and it has all the quality you would expect from a high-quality mod. In this article, we will take a look at just what makes the SMOK mod so unique.


Compatibility: One of the main reasons why people love the SMOK mod so much is the compatibility it offers. Because of its custom-made airflow control system, the SMOK mod can truly offer the utmost in performance and ease of use. If you are looking for a good air cooler replacement, then Smok is definitely worth checking out. The best SMOK mod you can buy right now, however, is the smok Nordic 2, which features an advanced cooling fan that comes preinstalled in the device and a set of Smok RPM 40 versus smok nord 2’s RPM regulation.

SMOK Nord X Kit 60W
SMOK Nord X Kit 60W

Quality of Build and Performance: Smok mods are very popular not only because they are cheap and easy to mod, but because of their quality. Unlike other similar devices, the SMOK mod features a decent mesh coil tank that looks like a real tank. These coils feature a consistent, if slow burn rate that should allow you to get several days’ worth of use out of one tank. The starter kit for the SMOK mod also contains a decent-sized coil. Some of the other features in the starter kit include a decent mesh coil tank, an adjustable airflow switch, and a four-pin connector for power and input.


Great Performance: Like the rest of the Smok line, the smokrpm 2 has a great performance, but it does have a few more bonuses than the average mod. For example, the mod has two battery slots that are accessible without removing the batteries. This is a great option for people who like to mod with more than one battery, or who need to replace the battery often. Another great feature of this starter kit is the fact that the battery is internally protected by a heat-shield, so it will not melt or leak.


Great Features and Looks: As mentioned above, the SMOK mod has a unique look that is not found on other types of mods. In addition to that, the device looks like a real tank, and the color is a great green that compliments all Smok juices perfectly. In short, Smok mods are definitely worth checking out if you are interested in quality and a real “tank” appearance.


Amazing Vapor Production: There is no better way to show off your taste for superior quality ejuice than by purchasing a top of the line product that produces superior results every time. SMOK coils are a known top performer, and this company has continually proven that they stand behind their products with constant testing and research. With that said, the company has put forth a superior product that features small sized, screen printing SMOK coils so that users can get the full flavor from their favorite brands.

SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml
SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml

Amazing Features and Uses: One of the best features of the SMOK mod is that it is completely modifiable. This means that you can adjust the temperature you want it at, and it is fully customizable. Some vapers like to use a low setting while others like to go all the way up to a medium setting. The ability to adjust temperature is definitely one of the biggest pros of the SMOK note 2 versus smok novo.


Complete Kit: The other great feature of the SMOK a-priv box mod is that it is extremely easy to use. It is an advanced device that come complete with a charger, USB cable, atomizer head, and a battery. It also has a charger that can be completely disconnected if you wish. The mod has a universal voltage source that will charge both the batteries and the power brick. There is even an indicator light on the front which will let you know when your battery is low or empty.

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