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Vapeciga smok nord coils “Mod Pod”, compatible with that of the North and the RPM coil. RPM40 is the winner? How vape? let deepen this test and find out.

This product is delivered to the generosity of some goals so NewVaping finding review.Furthermore spirit in the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

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The Smok RPM40 kit “Mod Pod,” which will have a fast response time of 0.001s through R-chip integrated circuit. In addition, although the compatibility of the North and RPM coil, which Smok RPM40 offers a good variety of coil options. But the uncontrolled air flow is RPM40 risky? Let Delve review for more information.

The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see RPM40 Smok included in the kit.

Smok of RPM40 RPM40 PDT Packaging Standard Packaging
1x 1x devices Smok tool Smok RPM40 RPM40
1x 1x RPM RPM pod Pod 2 ml
2 ml of 1x 1x Pod North Holland
1x 1x RPM RPM 0.4Ω 0.4Ω Mesh Mesh Coil Coil
Holland 1x 1x 0.6Ω 0.6Ω Coil
USB 1 x USB cable
Manual guidelines 1x 1x

A nice touch, especially with the packaging Smok RPM40 is the color and image reflects the content of the box. In particular in the cases provided rainbow Version prism, which reflects changes in the purple box. While the picture under the words “The Real Mod Pod” describes the style signs on the side of “Mod Pod”. Also, it was nice to see the front of the key elements of the device several containers are displayed as icons. Moreover, in addition, you will find details of Smok and authenticity of listeners. As expected on the back is the content of the package, warning and logos according to the government.

Removing the outer cover to reveal a white box with a silver logo Smok. Then remove the lid reveals Smok RPM40, USB cable, North Pod, separate RPM nacelle, all perfectly in every individual sausages.

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manufacturing quality

Probably Smok RPM40 gets along “Mod Pod”, which fill particularly solid in the hand. In addition, although the style of the main square, slightly curving the edges Smok brand RPM thread comfortable to hold.

Despite not being a fan of the color version of the welcome and the panel, RPM40 is pleasant not only to the eyes but elegant with it. In addition to all the edges and joints are both Rinse and clean the incoming air stream is cut off. But the end of zinc alloy panels and fingerprints magnet side Smok RPM40.

Moreover, it is regrettable that the USB port is on the bottom, which requires the device to be placed in the back while charging. In addition, the base has a profiled rigid design, so that less surface area. So if you do not have the heart that Smok RPM40 slightly more likely to fall.

But no front fairing well designed with reagents shutter button in an ideal position to use when the parent field. In addition, the controls are very sensitive, but a little too sensitive. Also a little too easy to accidentally lock watts of output power all set.

Vapeciga smok rpm80 pro replacement pods and immediately see how slow the device is activated. The first part of the boot sequence Smok logo and the version of the firmware. Then there are the words “The Real Mod Pod”. Finally, almost finished when shown “Pod attached.” Certainly not a huge amount of time can be 3 seconds is needed, but visible.


As for the design of the screen, which is very well done, with all the trimmings and play a good size. The screen color can be changed to Smok RPM40 closer. For example, the purple look good, especially with the version of Prism rainbow. But this screen is surprisingly vague and certainly not sharp. Therefore, I wonder if my eyes are not focused.

nails and North RPM

Looking back to the basket included in the kit Smok RPM40 and both trained with details and clean edge. Moreover, the difference between the two ducts are easily visible. RPM first pod pod is obviously good, while the darker version of the North. However, excellent visibility remains to check the level of e-liquid when not in the “Mod Pod.

The two areas in which the coils are placed very different. However, a nice touch RPM rechargeable battery attached and northern written in each module. In addition, RPM has a red seal. North while the black.

Unfortunately, the liquid level and is visible once the sheath does not put RPM40 the visible funnel. In addition, I’m not really like a funnel, but is personal preference.

The dimensions of the base to the top of the funnel, the kit Smok RPM40 standing height 99 mm, width 25 mm and a depth of 25 mm from the front backwards.

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While it is fair to say that the kit Smok RPM40 has little functionality to the end user as well. However, it is impossible without fuss method vaping. In addition, it allows users simply exchanged on the roll, adjust power if necessary and just enjoy spraying.

Smok also reported a 5 button clicks regular RPM40 to fire. In addition to blocking three shots shutter button click “Mod Pod”. If you press the control buttons and lock watts.


Although there is no real way than the way of smok mag mod click in watts it is possible to change the color, and give the breath counter.

Variable watt – VW
Watt mode Smok RPM40 gradually adjusted watts, with a variety of open-1W – 40W.

hit counter reset
Against a puff is always visible on the screen this RPM40 Smok. However, to restore a headwind, simply press the fire and buttons simultaneously.

battery usage

With an internal battery 1500 mAh battery RPM40 relatively well economically. Mainly because when I have largely been vaping 30 – 35W and lasts about 170 inhalation. However, the responsibility RPM40 Smok is awkward USB port in the background, so you have to remove the device. However, the value of 5V 1A load, and although not the fastest, but it is better for long-lasting battery life.

In addition, the battery level is indicated by the color screen in both graphical and textual percentage. On the other hand RPM40 smok your load if necessary have a quick stop vaporizer, and will continue to charge after the shutter button is released.


Either RPM or fill North pods Smok RPM40 very easy. Moreover, with 5 mm to fill the holes, filling larger bottles may be the same. In addition to filling the hole joints according to the problems and comfortable no leaks.

However, as mentioned above, you should keep an eye on the level of e-liquid left by removing the pod RPM40 “Mod Pod”, which quickly becomes boring.


Although airflow get code smok trinity alpha coils is not adjusted. However, a good and smooth flow of air with little turbulence. However, I found sometimes place a finger in the middle of the intake air flow, but also slightly increases the saturation of taste.

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In addition, please offered a discount of 20% with the discount code at checkout. Code: CL20

Replacement reel
There is no doubt replace the roll in one of the pods RPM40 not an easy task. Plus, it’s as simple as interesting old reels, priming new coil with a few drops of liquid E in the fireplace, and each discharge port. Then replace the rear coil nacelle. But be sure to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to become saturated.

0.4Ω RPM Coil Mesh

Clearly, the coil 0.4Ω RPM networks underestimated. In addition to the output power of 25W it is recommended to try a little wash. However bumps power up to 30W – 35W and more general sense. In addition, the coil generally provide a good representation of most fruits. But the struggle to implement the meringues. While RPM spindle shaft cover can be happy 70VG 0.4Ω, but try a little down when the chain vaping.

Double coil 0.6Ω ordinary North

RPM 0.4Ω is clearly a winner when it comes to flavor and tone of voice range between two coils. While North 0.6Ω double coil is restricted, it is too airy for MTL. In addition, the taste is just details make a big mark or time using 50 pg VG e-liquids with the flavor rewashed. However, a surprising result in better taste meringue 0.4Ω RPM spindle.

Chipset and Protection
Powered by IQ-R Smok RPM40 shot dead 0.001s behind chipset. However, since I have no way to check this, the least I can say that it seems very fast and sensitive devices.

Besides chipset IC-R in Smok RPM40 offers the following levels of protection.

Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental firing continued.
low voltage protection – Prevent battery level is reduced to the point of no return.
PROMPT high temperature – heat prevention Smok RPM40 causes damage the circuit.
Rapid / short low resistance – cutting.
Interestingly reported no protection for USB charging. I think anyway.

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In addition, please offered a discount of 20% with the discount code at checkout. Code: CL20

Mod Pod Kit RPM40 Smok
Dimensions 25mm (L) x 25mm (D) x 99 mm (T)
1W output power range – 40 W
an output voltage of 0.5 – 4.1V (unselected)
the type and number of batteries of 1500 mAh
equipment Mod – zinc alloy Lugs – PCTG
Resistance range 0.2 – 2.5Ω
but S

Undoubtedly smok nfix kit show new has some minor problems.

The first should be the fact that you can not see the fluid level without removing and nacelle. Therefore, the increased risk of adjustments, it costs points RPM40 Smok both ease of use and ease of use. But I think the liquid level and is easier to see the non-PDT. In particular, with the cover removed PDT guess rather see the e-I level of liquid through the air holes.

Both at the same time with a smooth representation or clarity of the screen. I else I was very surprised to see how he was soft and was again points Smok costs usability. But in reality, it does not look the screen so often. But when it really makes a statement.

Finally the funnel pods tend to feel a little uncomfortable in the mouth, so I’m not a fan. However, this section is merely a personal and may not bother many users preference.

Smok Kit RPM40 “Mod Pod” is not only stylish, but also provide solid in the hand. But I could not see the problem with the level of e-liquid mainly in the version of STP is a problem. But if you make a habit of regularly checking the amount of juice on a boat, the risk is greatly greatly reduced.

No doubt coil leakage is often a cause of concern for each roll of material. Smok RPM40 but there was no escape. Furthermore, there was still little or no condensation, which is great to see.

Unfortunately, for many lack MTL closed coils can be disappointing. But there are more coils are available in a range can best suit user taste at home.

This product was delivered to the generosity kind NewVaping order of thought review.Furthermore is under the mine and is not affected by the fact that this talent.

Please offer very NewVaping 20% ​​Smok Kit RPM40 with the discount code at checkout. CODE: CL20

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the Make spray site “N”.

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