Learn about the health effects of e-cigarettes

Vape in the world gradually popular, more and more people want to try, but a variety of dazzling accessories people, making vaporizer contain, how to choose? It is spray harmful? I can stop smoking spray? This is what you can learn about vaporizer personal experience:

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What is vaporizer? How is built?
The vaporizer is driven by a battery.It is a kind of thing that converts liquid oil vapor snuff for people who smoke through the principle of heating oil snuff battery.
Vape is not only a healthy cigarette replacement product, but also a toy.More fashion and more young people are joining the fashion circle of the vaporizer.
Generally, vape includes: host + battery + atomizer + smoke oil (atomizing DIY tools also need manufacturing of silk, cotton and heating wire).
It is healthy vaporizer?

Every state but Alaska has reported vape lung victims, now ...
Current reports suggest that authorized the vaporizer is relatively healthy because it uses no open flame and does not produce tar or coal monoxide.The vaporizer can also be used with oil cigarettes do not contain nicotine or cigarette government cartridge.The UK and States medical establishment it concluded that spray was effective in reducing the risk of injury by 95 percent compared to the real thing.

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Vape can help you quit smoking?
Quitting smoking is mostly a matter of willpower.Vape and real cigarettes are completely different things, at the beginning some people may not be used for smoking, which is normal, adhere to it.There is no denying that my good friend he has been smoking for over ten years and has successfully quit smoking after using vaporizer, so of course vaporizer is able to quit.

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