AEGIS Boost Product Description

aegis boost

If you are looking for a new electric vaporizer that provides you with a flavorful and potent desktop experience, you will want to check out the Geekvape aegis boost. This vaporizer is one that provides you with all the flavor and comfort that you need. The AEGIS Boost provides you with a desktop experience that is designed to be a top choice among serious vapers.


This vaporizer has an elegant and unique feel in combination with a comfortable and durable body in order to give you a remarkable desktop experience. The geekvape aegis boost Pro is very small and can be conveniently carried around with you when needed. The AEGIS Boost Pro Kit is the newest release of the original Aegis series. The kit comes with a glass base that is heat tempered and a stainless steel USB-C port that will provide you with fast charging. The AEGIS Boost comes with a triple-A battery that will last you up to three weeks of continuous use. It also features a front unthreaded air hose for easy portability, and two USB-C ports on the bottom that will allow you to connect your devices such as a computer, PDA or a phone.


The front of this vaporizer looks like a green or blue tank that has three concentric circles. On the bottom you will find a stainless steel plug that allows you to power it directly from your cigarette lighter. The exterior design of this vaporizer is very unique and sleek. The side vents help to take out the extra moisture, so it is not as moist and sticky. The exterior also has a transparent window that lets you see the internal components. One unique feature of the AEGIS Boost is that it has a universal serial bus power adapter that plugs directly into any USB port.


The design of this vaporizer makes it very easy to utilize your favorite electronic device while in the midst of your meditation sessions. You don’t have to touch knobs or change buttons to get the best experience from this vaporizer. The front of the AEGis Boost is a well made and thick material. The side vents help to keep the temperature constant so you don’t overheat. The outer cover of this vaporizer has a clear window that lets you view the inner mechanism of the unit.


The AEGIS Boost Pro 100W is one of the newest vapes to come from the aegis group. It features the newest technology and comes in three different sizes. If you want to enjoy an amazing vapor experience, you do need the AEGIS Boost. This vaporizer has a powerful battery, built in fan, and it has an adjustable airflow level. There is a large base that holds the aegis pro 100w, and it also has a powerful top-fill system that allows you to use it without worrying about messy drips.


The AEGIS Boost utilizes the patented eLuv Technology which allows it to use a digital control register that displays the wattage and other information. The temperature control is controlled by a handy little control pod system that slips into your pocket. The cool thing about this vaporizer is that the coils are small, so you can’t get burned if you happen to inhale too much of it. Even with the small coil system, jackaroo still manages to produce a powerful vapor.


When using the AEGis Boost, you should be aware that the pods are a little fragile. It can be easily broken if not properly taken care of. To ensure long-lasting durability and functionality, you should replace the coils every three months or so, or just before you use the kit for a month or so. You also need to change the cotton cover of your AEGIS because if the former was too rough, then the new covers will likely have a different feel.


Some AEGIS Boost kits are sold separately. If you want to add more wattage, then you should consider buying an extra coil. In case you are using a vaporizer that produces less than twenty watts, then you don’t really need an additional coil. The AEGIS Boost also has an option called the turbo button, which can be used to turn the unit on and off. With all these great features, it’s no wonder that jackaroo is a popular choice among vapers.

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