A SMOK Novo Pod System Review

SMOK Novo Vaporizer combines advanced heating technology with traditional herbal flavor-chemistry to produce the ultimate Vaporizer experience. The innovative design of the SMOK Novo allows it to be compatible with all different kinds of pods including the popular Drippers and Gel Pod Systems. The result is an exceptional experience unlike any other vaporizer on the market today. This is why SMOK decided to develop this one-of-a-kind product. The results are amazing and leave no room for comparison.

The Original NOVA Vaporizer has been redesigned with new logo coil options and a larger base for higher compatibility. In addition, the exterior finish has been changed to a more contemporary and sleek design. The new vaporizer is lighter than ever and provides you with amazing flavor production and vapor production.

SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml
SMOK NOVO 4 Pod System Kit 25W 2ml

The biggest changes are seen in the new logo coil options that have been added to the Original Novo. The vapers that are using the original novo series have complained about having a difficult time finding good quality coils that fit properly. The vapers produced a lot of hot vapor, but did not taste great. When vapers switch to the new note series, they have a much easier time getting a consistent taste and consistent flow.

The new Smoknovo consists of three different sizes of cartridges that will accommodate different sized groups of users. This helps to ensure that there is no compatibility issues when using this product between multiple devices. There is also a new added e-liquid capacity control. This helps to keep the e-liquid at a constant temperature. Users also have the option to fully assemble or partially assemble their units to customize the amount of e-liquid that is produced.


The Original Novo has the ability to be completely rebuildable. Users can remove the metal mesh that sits inside the reservoir, remove the heating element, and replace the mesh with a new one. These units are fully rebuildable, which gives the user the ability to choose the options that are right for them. The rebuildable part also allows the user to upgrade their coil options from a standard one to one that has a higher capacity draw-activated coil.

The main difference between the Original Novo and the Smoknovo is that the former is equipped with a built in electronic sub-ohm. The SMOK uses a standard coil that is replaceable. Users can choose to use a larger sized sub-ohm if they desire. Users also have the ability to use a standard coil as well in their starter kit if they so desire.

SMOK Nord X Kit 60W
SMOK Nord X Kit 60W

Both the original novo pod system and the Smoknovo differ in the amount of power that is available. The Smoknovo uses a three voltage output that is lower than that of the Original Novo. They also use a higher wattage than the Original Novo. These two differences allow vapers to power their equipment at a level that is consistent and reliable for most consumers. The most notable advantage of these two systems is that the novoplods eliminate the need for a coil replacement that is necessary with the original novoplods. They are also more affordable and provide a better taste than their counterparts.

Many vapers enjoy the convenience that comes with their electronic devices when they are on the go. They can easily charge their devices while on the go and use a constant e-liquid supply when desired. The popularity of these types of devices continues to increase in popularity because of this ability to use a vapor instead of an actual liquid for the vaporizer. It is possible to purchase any of the above mentioned products at a local store or online. In addition they can be purchased for a low price if one does not have the desire to spend the money on an entire unit. It is important to compare prices and find the best deal possible.

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