A SMOK Nordic Review

If you are looking for a small vaporizer with great portability, you may want to consider the SMOK Nordic. This vaporizer is very well made and portable. It looks just like the old model that came out over a year ago. The only difference is that it has a better technology inside. In this SMOK Nordic review I will take a closer look at this portable vaporizer.

SMOK Nordic is a small vaporizer that is designed to be portable. The manufacturer has several closed circuit vaporizer devices which are very similar in design and style to their open source vaporizers. It makes you wonder how they keep selling both products so long. Well, the new SMOK Nord actually looks quite a bit like its older brother, the Novo. Both of these vaporizers use a new type of heating plate that increases the vapor output.

You can actually use your phone or any other small electronic device to charge your vaporizer. This was not an option with the older smok nord vapes. Now you can enjoy even greater vapor production. The good news is that most vaporizers use this same heating plate.

smok nord

The vaporizer uses a new high quality quartz coil that has been optimized for excellent heat output and longer lasting draw. The two outer plates are made of the same material as the rest of the unit. The inner part of the SMOK nord is different. You can see there is a large rectangular plate area which houses the DTL (Digital Temp Controlled) displays. The display shows you the exact wattage and temperature of the heater.

The vaporizer also comes with a SMOK nord vapor kit. This kit can be used to replace any number of devices such as a desktop computer, laptop, or an e-book reader. The kit includes the replacement atomizers, a glass replacement mouthpiece, and the necessary wires. Included in the kit is an instructional booklet and a USB power adapter. This kit is very affordable and will allow you to enjoy the vaporizing of your favorite herbal blends.

The newest technology that the SMOK Nordic has is the 0.6ohm coil. The coils are smaller than the old standard coils. This means they produce less vapor and require a much smaller coil. This translates into a smaller package, but the performance is not compromised because the new size is more efficient.

There are other minor upgrades to this amazing product. They have also included a built-in battery and a micro-USB connection. In addition to the new temperature controller, they have added a nine-volt rechargeable battery. The SMOK nord review also reveals that one of their most popular items is their new mobile application which not only allows you to monitor your progress but set goals for yourself and others.

If you would like to purchase your own unit, then the best place to look is online. The best places to purchase a SMOK Nordic are from authorized dealers and retailers. You can find the unit at a discount price, but that discount price does not include the price of shipping. A smok for review will reveal if there are any other minor upgrades or if the product is truly unique and offers high quality performance.

smok novo
smok novo

Some of the major differences that separate the SMOK nord from other vaporizers are that it is equipped with a replaceable atomizer, which means you are able to change out your liquid flavor anytime you choose without purchasing a new unit. The size of the device is perfect for those who enjoy e-liquid flavor because there is ample room for you to comfortably carry it around. This innovative new accessory allows you to enjoy your favorite e-liquid flavor while on the go. There is a large screen that offers easy navigation, easy temperature control and an efficient vapor production.

Smoknord owners report that they are very satisfied with their product. Many of them have replaced their individual small vaporizers with one of the larger sizes because it allows them to enjoy the same fresh tasting juice that they would enjoy had they chosen to use a larger sized one instead. In addition, the replacementable heating element means that you never have to worry about not being able to reach your optimal temperature because the small deck is very portable and light weight.

The SMOK nord comes with a large four-pack of replacements coils so you are covered in case the first one cracks or breaks. This means you will always have an opportunity to try a different flavor. It is very convenient to use, durable and comes with a one year limited warranty. It’s better to be safe than sorry with your own personal vaporizer, especially if you are going to share it with others. In summary, this is a solid device with many great advantages.

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